Project Work

Project activity of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia and the subordinate cultural organizations is aimed at such principal cultural policy tasks as development of organizations, valuable to the community, encouragement of social partnership and non-commercial organizations to promote consciousness of immaterial and cultural values, preservation of traditional culture and cultural heritage, building up entrepreneurship in the sphere of culture and development of creative industries.

Due to the project initiatives additional governmental and non-governmental, Russian or foreign, funds are raised. A substantial amount of projects, implemented in the Republic of Karelia, are financed from various international programs and funds, owing to its geographical location.

The main sources of financing for the large projects are Federal Target Program “The Culture of Russia” and the program of the European Union European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument” (ENPI). Other donors of the subordinate to the Ministry cultural organizations are Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund, Nordic Council of Ministers, Barents Secretariate, Goethe-Institut etc.

At the present time the call for proposals on cultural cooperation (via ENPI) is in action, the Russian, Finnish budgets and European Commission covering the fund amounting to 3,6 million euro. At the first stage of the call the participants introduced 37 project concept notes, in total 12 million euro. 21 participants have passed to take part in the next phase with detailed proposals. The decision towards the 21 applicants will be made in October, 2012.

The monitoring period for applications of the Federal Target Program “The Culture of Russia” is from the 1-st of August till the 1-st of October.

Another information about the project activity is available on the sites of the subordinate organizations.